Poem 72

Time heals

Time accepts

Time softens the regrets


– You had none

Love conquers

Love vanquishes

Love counteracts the madness


– You had all


12 weeks on

Today marks 12.5 weeks since I found out about my missed miscarriage and 12 weeks since the physical miscarriage happened. In these 12 weeks, I have learnt more about myself than I ever wanted to know and I have become more dependent on people than I have ever been before. There have been good days and there have been bad days. Typically the good outnumber the bad but the last week or two has been particularly difficult and the balance has been off.

I wanted to write this for anyone who is struggling with a miscarriage, whether it is them or a friend/family member who has experienced it. The most important piece of information I have received is this:

You are allowed to grief. You have experienced a loss in the family. If it was someone people in the family knew about, you’d be allowed to grief: this is no different.

Those words were spoken to me by my counsellor. I have avoided going to counselling for many years but, with this, I reached the stage where I couldn’t avoid it any more. My counsellor has made me feel more validated than any other person who has tried to help me, my husband included. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful support network but, even with that network, I feel like I am failing sometimes by having such a strong reaction to the miscarriage. It is important to remember that feeling is not failing. When I’ve had moments where I am really struggling, I have told certain people whom I really trust and I get responses back like:

Well don’t be too hard on yourself. Your head’s doing whatever it needs to do.

Upon telling a friend that I am going to counselling, she said that she thought I was amazing to be tackling it full force and how much she admired me for it. It has given me that strength to keep pushing through on the bad days. I’ve learnt that there is no shame in needing to remove myself from situations that are just too much for me, even if someone else could cope. We each recover differently and that is the key thought for recovering from a miscarriage. Different people feel differently. I seem to be struggling more than other people I know who have had miscarriages but that is OK. 12 weeks on I have learnt that lesson – I hope anyone else reading this can learn it sooner.

Thank you for listening.

P.S. After 64 poems published consecutively, there may be a little break as the writing is dependent on my mood. That being said, I wrote 5 in one day the other week so maybe they will pick up again.

Poem 36

Relief bites like a sweet fruit

Oozing its juices down every crevice

Breaking into the hitherto undiscovered

Cuts, and scars, not yet formed.

Releasing the words that break up the inside

Opening the wounds that never quite healed

Rinsing with all the vowels and consonants

That make up the powerful cure of evil.

The tension has lifted with each passing verb

Describing the pain of lessons not fully learned

Each syllable meeting important steps

To recover the individual who had left.

Rebuild and recover, be all you can be

Using words to find wisdom in safe company

A generous ear heals the broken soul

But the saviour, their effect, they’ll never know.

Poem 33

My bite is gone

It doesn’t grasp

The taste of what

Was meant to pass.

It swaggers and sways

And falls through

The cracks forming

Between me and you.

Body and soul gradually drifting

The seams splitting the delicate thread

No longer connected in unison

But fraught with fear and regret.

Observing behaviours from above and below

Wishing the actions had a heart to make them so

Eager and willing and wholesome and true

Alas, what is left of you?

Poem 26

Four weeks ago
They said you were gone
You’d stopped living, just like that
Ended, finished
No warning, no crash.

The days got harder
The days were simple
Lost in a mindscape of
What could have been
Legs frozen, no movement
I could not be free
All alone, grief overwhelmed me.

Four weeks ago
They said you were gone
My heartache’s still strong
Though acceptance has grown.
Destined to never
Grow old or grow up
Little Peter Pan
Just slightly less lost.

Poem 24

All gone
It’s like you didn’t happen
The test says my body has returned to its self
That self
Once assured
That goodness was so close
Now unsure of the truth and reality

I knew to expect it but
It still hurt to see
That faithful cross
Now a negative

Physically gone but
Mentally you’ll never leave
The day you were born,
I always will grieve.