Poem 93

(I found this one hidden away in a desk. I think it was the start of a song but I’ve decided to share it as it is.)

There are no words

There’s no name

There’s no answer to guide this pain.

There’s no life

Nowhere to run

No recompense for the soul that is gone.

But I’m here

And I’m strong

And I hope that I’ll keep fighting on.

Day by day

Week by week

I can’t let my pain be my defeat.


Poem 88

You give me guidance

You give me light

You show me how

To fight my fight.

You make me feel

So big and tall

Like I can

Conquer it all.

You don’t see yourself

How I see you

My saviour, my friend

Helping see me through

The darkness that engulfs

Enclosing my mind:

Your love is a love

That will help me survive.

Poem 74

I walk down the long and winding road

Such beautiful views to see

Until I reach a fork in the path

The choice is up to me.

To follow the hopes and dreams and fear

Of not achieving what could be

Or to risk it all and be able to say

At least I came home safely.

The decision, it rests on who I am

At this single moment in my life

The me of darkness, full of pain

The lacklustre me full of strife.

Which path to choose, new hope could there be

Down the path invitingly green

“Take a chance and you’ll see your right to be free”

It calls so temptingly.

To go left or go right

My feet remain still

I’m floored, I’m stuck

There’s no free will.

Poem 41


Unclear visions

This restoring liquid failing to comfort

The amber life-source billowing down

A broken glass; it can’t be contained.

It helps to heal but its

Effect on me is to draw alternative stories

Imagination flowing wild and

Dreams, reversing the un-living truth.

A relief to some but not to me

This drink, unfailingly

Brings out the worst behaviours to see

For me, it isn’t the right key.