Poem 6

There’s a sorrow that can’t be fathomed
Until it happens to you.
An aching, dull pain in your body
Burning through.

The emptiness and longing
For the truth to be untold.
The facing of reality
Icy and stone cold.

To feel it is to understand
There is no truth in life.
A flip of two coins will make the choice
To continue or to die.

The tears that fall, and stream, and pool
Upon an unmade grave
Will once more foster life
When one becomes brave.

Heartache it calls on everyone
Who understands the pain
And those who don’t foster hope
They’ll never feel the same.

“Duh, dum. Duh, dum,” the misplaced heart
Sounds for none to hear.
For it is gone and all that’s left
Is longing for what should be here.


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